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Pastors learn best through interactions with their peers who are facing the same pressures and doing the same kind of work in ministry. The Center for Excellence in Preaching is glad to support the formation of Peer Learning Groups to help pastors connect with one another and learn from one another. Groups are spearheaded and coordinated by a Peer Group Leader who invites up to ten additional local pastors to read some common materials for discussion and then meet for a day (or part of a day) four times a year. Ecumenical groups are encouraged.

If you would be interested in founding such a group, please send us a proposal for an area or topic of study related to the preaching task. Proposals should include the hoped-for learning outcomes and some idea of the books or articles or other resources the group will look at together. If approved, the Peer Group Leader will receive a stipend for the work of organizing and leading a group and will be given a budget to use for the purchase of resources as well as to pay for hospitality items like food and drink, meals at restaurants, and any rental fees for meeting spaces. Some groups may find sufficient funds in their budget to hold a capstone retreat as well.

If you are interested in forming a peer group or have other questions before submitted a proposal, please reach out using the form below:

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