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A collection of Advent resources and Christmas resources including sermon ideas, whole sermons, sermon series ideas, and more.

Seminar | Gratitude in Preaching and Worship

Apply now for our Gratitude in Preaching and Worship seminar taking place in July 2024. This seminar ponders how preaching can cultivate and celebrate the practice of gratitude.

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This Week's Sermon Commentaries

Mark 13:24-37 Sermon Commentary

Advent comes in with an apocalyptic bang! This series of verses has come to be known as Mark’s “Little Apocalypse,” a snapshot of the turning point that ends this world and begins the new. I must confess that I can easily get lost in the devastating or destructive depictions in apocalyptic literature to the point…

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Isaiah 64:1-9 Sermon Commentary

What are you waiting for? At the beginning of Advent, we turn our hearts toward the practices of waiting and anticipation. Though I suppose a lot depends on what it is you are waiting for: for out of town guests to arrive, best get busy preparing extra linens and stocking up on meals.  Waiting for…

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Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 Sermon Commentary

The Lectionary directed us to Psalm 80 not long ago during Year A on October 3 and now here it is again at the head of Advent for Year B.  If you want to see the commentary on this from just two months ago, you can click here.  For this commentary we will look at…

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1 Corinthians 1:3-9 Sermon Commentary

Many Westerners have now entered the season of waiting. But the primary object of most of our contemporaries’ wait is Christmas’ arrival. Citizens of the 21st century don’t think much about the Advent that is also a season of waiting. Even many Christians who celebrate Advent focus more on waiting for our celebration of Christ’s…

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