The Center for Excellence in Preaching is glad to partner with other institutions and websites to direct preachers and worship leaders to the very best of sermon-planning and worship-planning resources.  Please visit these websites to take advantage of their fine offerings:


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The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship:  Learn about upcoming conferences, the annual Symposium on Worship, and discover a giant trove of rich resources for planning the liturgical year, designing special worship services, and much more.

The Ministry Theorem: This Calvin Theological Seminary website offers preachers, youth group leaders, Sunday school teachers, worship planners, and others in ministry an outstanding set of resources to help integrate faith and science in the church.  Sample sermons, commentaries on key biblical texts, and recommended books and videos are among the resources on this site. This website helps preachers, musicians, and others find the right hymns for worship even as the website provides the history behind hymn texts/tunes, comparisons of a welter of hymnals and songbooks, samples of the music itself, and even a new Flex-Scores feature that allows musicians to produce scores customized for an array of musical instruments.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Search millions of pages of ancient and classical texts from Origen to Calvin, from Augustine to Luther and learn what the wisdom of the ages is on most any biblical or theological topic one could name.

Reformed Worship:  Visit the Reformed Worship magazine’s website and peruse back issues to find fresh ideas for planning services for Advent, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time.   You will also find ideas for sermons and sermon series, musical suggestions for special occasion services, dramas, children’s programs, banner and art ideas, and more.

Zeteo: This site aims to provide easy access to excellent on-line resources for preparing sermons and worship services for a wide range of denominations and traditions—a bit like a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search, specifically designed for preachers. This site is a collaborative project of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Christian Classics Ethereal Library/ with funding provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.

Preacher to Preacher: Rev. Dr. Mindy Smith and Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst are facilitators, conversation partners, and coaches for preachers as they seek to strengthen their preaching for the glory of God and the building of the church. (not directly affiliated with CEP)

Alpha : Alpha is designed to explore life’s key questions through the Christian faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Dunamis Project: Dunamis helps pastors and other leaders explore the person and the power of the Holy Spirit to further equip and animate their ministries through the Spirit’s guidance and empowering presence.

The Heidelberg Catechism: The Heidelberg Catechism, written in 1563, originated in one of the few pockets of Calvinistic faith in the Lutheran and Catholic territories of Germany. Conceived originally as a teaching instrument to promote religious unity in the Palatinate, the catechism soon became a guide for preaching as well.

The Belgic Confession: The Belgic Confession, written in 1561, owes its origin to the need for a clear and comprehensive statement of Reformed faith during the time of the Spanish inquisition in the Lowlands. Guido de Brès, its primary author, was pleading for understanding and toleration from King Philip II of Spain who was determined to root out all Protestant factions in his jurisdiction. Hence, this confession takes pains to point out the continuity of Reformed belief with that of the ancient Christian creeds, as well as to differentiate it from Catholic belief (on the one hand), and from Anabaptist teachings (on the other).