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Seminar | Preach When the Spirit Says Preach: Preaching and Leading in the Power of the Spirit

August 7, 2023 – August 11, 2023 @ 8:45 am – 12:00 pm –

In this seminar, we will learn together to follow the promptings of the Spirit in sermon preparation and delivery, and in worship leading.

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Seminar | Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching

July 31, 2023 – August 4, 2023 @ 8:45 am – 12:00 pm –

The preacher’s reading deepens preaching because it deepens the preacher.

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Calvin Symposium on Worship

February 8, 2023 – February 10, 2023 @ All Day –

The Calvin Symposium on Worship is an ecumenical conference for worship and learning together around topics connected to Christian public worship.

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Past Event: The Wounded Healer

October 23, 2022 – October 25, 2022 @ 12:00 am – We are in urgent need of Christ as the wounded healer. Our world  is more wounded now than at any time since World War II; the church is wounded by its history and current decline in membership; and preachers and counselors may be wounded by isolation, compassion fatigue, or depression. In following Christ, our wounds […]

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Past Event: N.T. Wright lecture: Galatians in Three Dimensions

January 21, 2022 @ 12:00 am – The Center for Excellence in Preaching sponsored a lecture by N.T. Wright titled “Galatians in Three Dimensions.” The lecture has been archived on the January series website. Nicholas Thomas (N.T.) Wright is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and a world authority on the apostle Paul. Wright is the author of over 80 […]

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Past Event: Seminar | The Bowed Head: How Preachers Deal with Grief

July 25, 2022 – July 29, 2022 @ 8:45 am – 12:00 pm –

The seminar will ponder such topics as the nature and causes of grief, healthy and unhealthy forms of grief, biblical approaches to grief, and intelligent expressions of grief in worship and preaching.

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