Lift Up Your Voice

In this section we celebrate the work and ministry of our African American colleagues. We hope that delving into some of the resources gathered here will not only bless your ministry and life but give you the opportunity to praise God for speaking through all of God’s people.

Reformed Connections to the RCL

On this page, you will find a resource that traces Lectionary texts to specific parts of the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession.

This Week's Sermon Commentaries

Mark 10:46-52 Sermon Commentary

A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed the rich man come to terms with reality. This week, we see a bit of a contrast in the person of Bartimaeus. Both he and the rich man are earnest and sincere in their desire to encounter Jesus, but one walks away and the other follows our Lord….

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Job 42:1-6, 10-17 Sermon Commentary

And they lived happily ever after . . .  Really?  Is it really possible that the Bible’s most troubled (and at times most torturous) book has the proverbial “happy ending”?  Did Disney take over this project at some point?!  At first glance you might think so. Job replies to God that in the wake of…

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Psalm 126 Sermon Commentary

Some of us might remember that another version/translation of Psalm 126:1 mentions specifically the time when “the captives” were brought back to Jerusalem.  That framing of this psalm places this on the far side of the seventy-year exile in Babylon as the people of Israel slowly returned from captivity after Persia conquered Babylon and the…

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Hebrews 7:23-28 Sermon Commentary

Few promises mean more to hurting people than, “I’m praying (or I’ll pray) for you.” We long to have someone “put in a good word for us” before God. In fact, I’ve even people whose faith is fragile or apparently non-existent seem to often appreciate the thought behind a promise of prayer, if not necessarily…

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Fine-Tuning Your Preaching

Sermon Craft – Rev. Meg Jenista

Political or Partisan? – Rev. Meg Jenista

Preaching Salvation – Rev. Meg Jenista

Desire for Anointed Preaching Part 1 – Rev. David Beelen

Desire for Anointed Preaching Part 2 – Rev. David Beelen

Sermon Introductions Do’s and Don’ts – Rev. John Rottman

Preaching Parables Graciously – Rev. John Rottman

The Ethics of Sermon Illustrations – Rev. Scott Hoezee

God-Active Language – Rev. Scott Hoezee

What is an Illustration? – Rev. Scott Hoezee

Show, Don’t Tell – Rev. Scott Hoezee

Imagination and Images – Rev. Peter Jonker

The Controlling Image – Rev. Peter Jonker

Physical Space in Preaching – Rev. Mary Hulst

Preaching Without Notes – Rev. Mary Hulst

The Center for Excellence In Preaching

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