Sermon Commentary for Sunday, May 7, 2023

Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16 Commentary

Sometimes the Revised Common Lectionary gives us the same Psalm somewhat frequently but each time it is chopped up in different ways.  As it is, selecting some verses, skipping over others, and then including a few more is not always a great way to preach on a given Hebrew poem in that they were written as a unity.   So getting a re-packaged psalm that was also assigned in the Lectionary recently—in the case of Psalm 31 it came up on Palm or Passion Sunday a few weeks ago–does not necessarily give a preacher a fresh text in case the same passage had been preached on the last time it was on the docket.

However, since this was assigned recently for a Holy Day when many preachers probably opted for the Gospel passage on Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem, for this week I will simply insert this link to the sermon commentary I did a month ago in the hopes it will provide grist for the homiletical mill in now this time of Eastertide.  That commentary does have some specific Palm Sunday/Holy Week references but even shorn of that can provide sermon ideas on the victory of life over death that Jesus has wrought as we celebrate in Eastertide.


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