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1 Peter 3:13-22

Easter 6A

[…] remind us of how we should act when explaining gospel hope to the lost and suffering folks around us. It seems that one December afternoon just before Christmas vacation was to begin a group of parents stood in the lobby of a preschool, waiting to claim their children. When the bell rang, the youngsters […]

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Romans 1:1-7

Advent 4A

[…] sturdy peace if they are going to hold up for one blessed second in this sometimes dreadful world. In the secular world our holy season of Advent/ Christmas has gotten turned into a would-be magical season. It’s a time to let children’s eyes sparkle in wonder over twinkling trees and for all of us […]

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Isaiah 11:1-10

Advent 2A

[…] Isaiah 11’s preachers and teachers will want to add more contemporary headlines. For Christians Advent is, as John Buchanan notes, “a season of dramatic contrasts” between society’s Christmas’ bright lights and Advent’s quiet, poignant hymns about things like lonely exile.  Contrasts between our culture’s mad dash to finish everything by December 24 and Advent’s […]

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Philippians 4:4-7

Advent 3C

[…] our circumstances. Of course, a number of people who proclaim and hear Philippians 4 are very happy.  Some of God’s people are preparing to celebrate their first Christmas with a new family member or friend.  Others celebrate these holidays with family members and friends in good physical, mental and economic health.  So some of […]

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Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19

Easter 3A

[…] Here’s a way to think about prayer as the main way we give thanks for the resurrections in our lives.  Think about your holiday celebrations, especially at Christmas.  That is such a magical and miserable time of year.  We’ll get together with family and friends, hoping for a wonderful time.  But it is often […]

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Luke 18:9-14

Proper 25C

[…] of being bright to begin with, however! Or, in another Lewis analogy, suppose a six-year-old little girl says, “Daddy, may I have $5 to buy you a Christmas present?” Well, any decent father will give the child the money and, come Christmas morning, will exclaim loudly and gleefully over whatever bauble the child bought. […]

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Romans 13:11-14

Advent 1A

[…] the Light of the World into a manger (Buttrick).  We live in his light, not just at Advent and not just in the twinkly glow of a Christmas tree but always. We all act differently when we know other people can see us.   God sees us and we see each other always because we […]

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Romans 8:14-17

Pentecost C

[…] And THAT, then, is the Spirit we breathe and exude to all others. Illustration Idea Back in Kindergarten, maybe you did a craft in school as a Christmas present for your parents. Perhaps it was a papier mâché ornament for the Christmas tree. Years later maybe you took another look at that ornament: it’s […]

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John 14:15-21

Easter 6A

[…] scene as looking less like a lecture hall with attentive students taking notes on what the wise professor was saying from the lectern and more like a Christmas Eve dinner party that had started out fine but that exploded into something quite different when suddenly Dad used the occasion to inform his children that […]

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Romans 8:12-17

Trinity Sunday B

[…] had to guess, I’d imagine that “Trinity Sunday” may be the most under-celebrated day on the liturgical calendar.  It goes without saying that it cannot compete with Christmas or Easter.  Even Ascension Day and Pentecost have a hard time generating anywhere near the liturgical wattage of those two big celebrations.  Epiphany might get a […]

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