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its not u … :(

Zaslow, Jeffrey | Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2007


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This article concerns the trend already in 2007 of ending even long-intimate relationships as impersonally (and, therefore, as cowardly) as possible—by text message, for example, or email, or [today] even Twitter. “The techno brush-off has offshoots, too, that relationship experts find troubling. There is the techno-AWOL breakup, where a person doesn’t answer emails or instant messages for however many days it takes for someone to get the hint. Meanwhile, 20% of singles say it is acceptable to reveal details about a breakup on Web logs, or blogs, or other Web outlets, such as MySpace or YouTube, according to a survey this year by relationships Web site” Some who have been dumped go online with defaming images or stories about their ex. Some of such revelations end up as the centerpiece of anti-defamation lawsuits.

its not u….:(