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The Lonely Silver Rain

MacDonald, John D. | Knopf, 1985


p. 177

“Somewhere there are intelligent and highly skilled design engineers working the bugs out of the ever more deadly weapons–lasers to blind armies, multiple-multiple warheads, flames that stick to flesh and can’t be extinguished, heat beams to fry the crews inside their tanks. And they pack up the printouts and turn off the computers and have a knock with the guys on the way home to the kiddies.”

p. 178

“Though our [love-making] had elicited a wide range of sounds and responses from her, from little yelps to earthy groans, she was just about as real to me as would have been one of those blow-up pneumatic ladies Japanese sailors tote aboard for the long freight trips and stow in little satchels under the bunk until needed. They now make them with microprocessors, little motors, long-life batteries and voice-boxes.”