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1 John 2 Sermon Commentary

I find the letter/sermon in 1 John to be exceptionally pastoral and truthful. Scholars have helped us piece together the conflict that prompted all three letters with John in the name: it’s clear that the community of believers were being bombarded with challenges to core beliefs about Jesus and the nature of things by people…

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Jude Sermon Commentary

Though it seems like the bulk of Jude’s letter deals with negative examples, he surrounds the negative with some very strong positives. The key is to slow down and pay attention to why Jude says what he says the way he says it. The main thing Jude wants to say to the community is found…

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Revelation 20:1-6 Sermon Commentary

Much has been written about the infamous thousand-year reign and not much of it agrees. Pick up three different commentaries and it is quite likely that you’ll get three different views about what is actually being described in John’s apocalyptic letter. Therefore, I believe that it’s only fair to identify myself within a particular tradition…

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Revelation 21:1-27 Sermon Commentary

A City (in) Context I live in “Beautiful British Columbia” (it’s on the license plates)—Vancouver Island, to be specific. The “city” is a boat or plane trip away across the Georgia Strait; people here want the open water, the tall trees and the sturdy mountains. So the first time our church community read Revelation 21…

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