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Genesis 1:1-2:4a

Trinity Sunday A

Science has long been fascinated with both the cosmic beginning and its ending.  Both involve a certain amount of speculation, though at least with the universe’s beginning there is real evidence to look at.  But since the end has not yet come, there is no data to examine, and so theory and speculation are all…

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Psalm 8

Trinity Sunday A

There is a sense in which Psalm 8 comes down to just one question asked of God by the psalmist: How in the world are you even able to see us at all?  Dwarfed by and mystified by the expanse of a starry sky on a cloudless night and long before there was such a…

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Psalm 104:24-35


The singer Sting says he’ll be watching “every breath you take.”  The pop group Berlin gave the original Top Gun movie its romantic lead theme music with its song “Take My Breath Away.”  Taylor Swift has a whole album titled “Breathe” and its lead song says that after her love went away, she just cannot…

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Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35

Easter 7A

In a classic scene of the old TV sitcom M*A*S*H Hawkeye Pierce decides to play a trick on his nettlesome bunkmate Frank Burns.  Lately Frank had been bragging about how his stock market portfolio had been getting richer.  But it is clear—to the consternation of the more pacifist Pierce—that the reason is that Burns is…

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Psalm 66:8-20

Easter 6A

For reasons unknown the RCL has us skip the first 7 verses of Psalm 66.  Mostly they are lovely sentiments of praise and thanksgiving.  But as we pick up the action in verse 8, we see a curious conjunction of things.  On the one hand there is one of those global statements you often find…

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Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

Easter 5A

Sometimes the Revised Common Lectionary gives us the same Psalm somewhat frequently but each time it is chopped up in different ways.  As it is, selecting some verses, skipping over others, and then including a few more is not always a great way to preach on a given Hebrew poem in that they were written…

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Psalm 23

Easter 4A

It’s not quite true but sometimes it feels like Psalm 23 pops up in the Lectionary every couple weeks.  In fact, this psalm really was assigned just a few weeks ago during Lent.  Psalm 23 pops up at least once—and usually twice—inside any given calendar across Years A, B, and C of the Lectionary.  And…

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Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19

Easter 3A

Across these past few highly unsettled and unsettling years around the world, Psalm 116 has provided thoughts that are at once inspirational and aspirational.  It is inspirational in its witness to God’s faithfulness in hearing our cries of distress from places of disorientation and even death.  It is aspirational in that—as in all times of…

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Psalm 16

Easter 2A

Probably we misread Psalm 16, or at least its most famous verses about how our bodies will rest secure.  We have all been to our share of funerals that lift out verses 9-11 and put a resurrection spin on them.  And maybe as Christians exegeting the Old Testament there is something right about that.  All…

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Psalm 118:1, 2, 14-24

Easter Day A

What every preacher needs on Easter Sunday is an angle.  Everyone already knows the story, so it is hard to astonish people as the women astonished the disciples with the news of an empty tomb on that first Easter morning.  To help people experience that primitive astonishment and the kind of joyful thanksgiving to which…

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