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“Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: 1. The Play of Creation”

Creation is full of wondrous particularities, full of life itself in all its abundance and variety. How good it is to have someone to thank P. 6: “This is not just a matter of learning our manners, the way children are taught to say thank you as a social grace. It is the cultivation of...

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Exodus 16:2-15

The waters of the Red Sea have barely even crashed back together. The victory song has barely even faded off Miriam’s lips. The Israelites have barely even finished filling their canteens at an oasis with twelve springs and 70 palm branches. But out in that desert, the people of God melt into a collective toddler…


Psalm 36:5-10

One of my Christmas gifts to my wife was a cookbook on making bread written by Paul Hollywood, one of the judges on the much-loved Great British Baking Show.  When I put a picture of the book’s cover on Facebook along with a picture of my wife’s first and fantastic looking loaf, a couple people…