Preaching Connection: Angels

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“Angels,” in Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC’S of Faith

“Sleight-Of-Hand Magic is based on the demonstrable fact that as a rule people see only what they expect to see.  Angels are powerful spirits whom God sends into the world to wish us well.  Since we don’t expect to see them, we don’t.  An angels spreads its glittering wings over us, and we say things...

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Luke 1:26-38

Biblical scholars call passages like Luke 1 “type scenes.”  A modern kind of “type scene” might be something like this: one evening while channel-surfing, you run across a movie already in progress.  It’s obviously a Western with two cowboys standing about thirty yards apart in the middle of a dusty street.  Each man is glaring…


Mark 1:4-11

Fans of Peter Jackson’s films in The Lord of the Rings trilogy will recall the opening sequence in the final film, The Return of the King.  As the movie opens, we are taken back hundreds of years from the main action of the trilogy to the time when Smeagol finds the Ring of power, murdering…