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The Closing of the American Mind

“Children may be told over and over again that their parents have a right to their own lives, that they will enjoy quality time instead of quantity time, that they are really loved by their parents even after divorce, but children do not believe any of this. They think they have a right to total...

“So Much Day Care, Not Enough Brain Care”

“The first three years of life make or break the brain. A newborn comes equipped with some 100 billion brain cells, or neurons. The trick is to get neurons to form links with one another. The more links, the more power a brain has. At nine months, a baby’s brain can feature a quadrillion links.”...

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1 John 3:1-7

Several years ago a colleague and I had a conversation about God’s adoption of God’s children. My colleague noted that human adoption is often a sort of mixed blessing. Among other things, it raises questions of identity. Is an adopted person the child of her birth parents or adopted parents? My colleague’s identity was clouded…


Psalm 127

Digging into the Text: Just offhand, I thought that the title of a sermon on Psalm 127 might be “The Cure for insomnia,” inspired by that delightful line: “the Lord gives his beloved sleep.” Of course, that’s a gross reduction of the breadth of the Psalm, but it does point to its multi-level meaning. One…


Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16

When I read Psalm 78, I can’t help but think about my Sunday School experience years ago.  Before we would go off to our separate age-appropriate classes, the whole motley crew of us would gather in the sanctuary for a time of singing.  It was my favorite part of Sunday School.  And I think it…


Genesis 16:1-6

Comments, Observations, Questions to Consider Hagar is revered by 2 billion people walking the earth right now as a “mother of the faith.” Perhaps no other woman besides Mary herself has as many people who honor her. But what are we to make of Hagar’s story? The apostle Paul in Galatians 5 uses Hagar as…