Preaching Connection: Safety

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Exodus 14:19-31

Over and over again in the story, God refers to the people as His army or His battalion. But they couldn’t have been a very fearsome force. They’ve just spend the last 430 years in slavery. Maybe they got strong building bricks but they would have had a lot of disadvantages. Hard to think that…


John 10:22-30

This passage follows very closely Jesus’ “I am the good shepherd” speech. People were already suspicious of Jesus and how he described himself, thinking he had a demon or was out of his mind. There were some, though, who thought there might be more to Jesus than madness or possession (verse 20). Some scholars see…


John 10:1-10

Sometimes your need for a Shepherd hits home.  Like during a global pandemic.  I don’t know about you, but I spent the first 9 weeks of this year in one of the busiest stretches of my life.  And when you run from day to day, from event to event, meeting to meeting, class to class,…