Audio Sermons

Although it is inspiring to read sermons and sermon commentaries such as are featured here on the Center for Excellence in Preaching website, preaching is finally an oral and aural experience. Sometimes there is nothing like hearing a sermon delivered in the voice, cadences, and style unique to any given preacher. Collected here are numerous audio sermons and a few audio reflections on preaching to help inspire other preachers in their ongoing task of proclaiming God’s Word.

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The Seeker

In the last 25 years or so a new word has become very prominent in the American church scene. The word is “seeker.” We are a nation of spiritual seekers. People everywhere are looking for that spiritual lift, that tie to something deeper that will provide some meaning in this crazy world. Many churches have…


Born Again

Sermon on John 3 by Samuel Wells at Duke University Chapel on February 17, 2008.