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Exodus 34:29-35

Last Epiphany C

To understand the end of Exodus 34, you need to catch up on two things: the immediate context of this chapter in Exodus and also what happened in the first 9 verses of this 34th chapter, the final effect of which you can read in the Lectionary selection of verses 29-35. First of all, then,…

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Exodus 20:1-17

Lent 3B

On this Third Sunday of Lent, the RCL continues its focus on the theme of covenant.  Though our immediate text does not mention covenant, it is very clear from the context (Exodus 19-24) that the Ten Commandments are part of a covenant making ceremony between the God who liberated his people and those liberated people. …

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Exodus 33:12-23

Proper 24A

Stories like this are nearly unbelievable for your average church goer and literally unbelievable for your average neighbor, because God doesn’t talk this way to us today, “face to face as a man speaks with his friend (33:11).”  Very few of us ever hear God’s voice over a lifetime of faith.  That’s why several years…

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Exodus 32:1-14

Proper 23A

In this text, Paradise has almost been regained.  Oh, yes, Israel is in a dry desert, not a lush garden.  But so much of what had been wrong has been put right.  Israel has been released from the house of bondage.  Their covenant Lord is leading them to the land of milk and honey, providing…

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Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20

Proper 22A

What a massive text for one sermon!  I’ve preached ten-part series on these verses, spending much time on each word of the successive commandments.  No wonder the RCL tried to help us by leaving out the crucial theological material connected to the second and fourth commandments, which is unfortunate given how important those verses are….

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Exodus 17:1-7

Proper 21A

Israel is wandering in territory that is all too familiar to us—in the great wilderness of In Between, between release from bondage and possession of the Promised Land.  As the New Interpreters Bible puts it, this passage is “a paradigm for the crisis of faith that occurs between bondage and well-being.” Thus it is relevant…

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Exodus 16:2-15

Proper 20A

This text is about grumbling and grace. To preach it powerfully, we need to hold those two opposites in dynamic tension.  On the one hand, it is easy to be so tough on Israel’s ungrateful grumbling that we miss how completely human their complaints were.  If we do that, we won’t see ourselves in them. …

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Exodus 14:19-31

Proper 19A

“Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”  Well, not so fast, children of Israel.  You have walked away from your enslavement in Egypt, but your former Master is chasing you down.  Once Pharaoh awakened from the midnight horror of losing his oldest son and looked at his situation in…

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Exodus 12:1-14

Proper 18A

Since the three main characters in Exodus (Pharaoh, Moses, and Yahweh) were identified in Exodus 1-3, the narrative has been focused on the struggle with Pharaoh.  In an effort to make Pharaoh “let my people go,” God through Moses has been displaying his mighty power with nine plagues.  Pharaoh has been stubborn, hardhearted, to the…

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Exodus 3:1-15

Proper 17A

And, now, for the third and most important actor in the drama that unfolds in the book of Exodus.  In last week’s reading from Exodus 1 and 2 we met the villain, Pharaoh, and the hero, Moses.  Now we meet the director, producer, creator, redeemer– God, Yahweh, “I am what I am.”  God is mentioned…

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