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For Better, For Worse: Sober Thoughts on Passionate Promises

“Bad times are often good times in retrospect.” They generate “humor and patience and tolerance and sobriety which long marriages require.” (P. 8) “Children make parents grow up a lot more than parents make children grow up.” (P. 9) “You are to be with your spouse through life. Your child is going to walk away...

“Can the Government Prevent Divorce?”

John Gottman, a marriage expert, says he can predict with 90% accuracy whether particular couples will make it in marriage, and the four strongest negative indicators (the four horsemen of the apocalypse) are: rolling your eyes while the other person’s talking, being critical, being defensive, and stonewalling.

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Mark 10:2-16

Comments, Questions and Observations Even with the inclusion of verses 13-16 in this week’s selection, there’s no getting around the topic of divorce that dominates verses 2-12. No matter whether or not divorce is considered a “state of sin” in your church, there will be people listening who have been impacted by divorce—their own, or…