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Genesis 21:8-21

Whatever else a person may think about the Bible and about the Old Testament in particular, you have to say this: it’s honest.  The text does not generally shy away from presenting less-than-savory facts about even some of the most important characters in the biblical story.  It’s often the proverbial “warts and all” presentation.  The…


Psalm 15

By my count nearly one-third of the 150 Psalms—44 out of 150—never appear across the three-year Cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary.  But there are some that come up with frequency, and Psalm 15 is one such poem from the Psalter as it occurs once in each of the Lectionary Years A, B, & C….


Isaiah 6:1-13

Somewhere in my reading recently, I ran across this familiar rant about God’s invisibility.  “If God really wants us to believe in him, why doesn’t he come out of hiding, you know, make himself visible, write in words across the sky, speak audibly so that everyone can hear his voice, do some miracle that would…