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Religious Affections

“Passing affections easily produce words; and words are cheap; . . . Christian practice is a costly laborious thing.  The self-denial that is required of Christians, and the narrowness of the way that leads to life, don’t consist in words, but in practice.  Hypocrites may much more easily be brought to talk like saints, than...

Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book

Why is it, Percy wants to know, ‘that the self—though it professes to be loving, caring, to prefer peace to war, concord to discord, life to death; to wish other selves well, not ill—in fact secretly relishes wars and rumors of war, news of plane crashes, assassinations, mass murders, obituaries, to say nothing of local...

In Plato’s Cave

“Other types of literature, like comedy and tragedy, may be uncertain of purpose, but satire exists to attack folly, and perhaps even to improve the knaves and fools it scourges, though this last seems more doubtful. Normal people find some way of ignoring society’s massive hypocrisy–‘the world was always like this,’ ‘you have to take...

Bright Orange for the Shroud

“The essentially dishonest man is yet capable of truly murderous indignation.”