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Religious Affections

“Passing affections easily produce words; and words are cheap; . . . Christian practice is a costly laborious thing.  The self-denial that is required of Christians, and the narrowness of the way that leads to life, don’t consist in words, but in practice.  Hypocrites may much more easily be brought to talk like saints, than...

Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book

Why is it, Percy wants to know, ‘that the self—though it professes to be loving, caring, to prefer peace to war, concord to discord, life to death; to wish other selves well, not ill—in fact secretly relishes wars and rumors of war, news of plane crashes, assassinations, mass murders, obituaries, to say nothing of local...

In Plato’s Cave

“Other types of literature, like comedy and tragedy, may be uncertain of purpose, but satire exists to attack folly, and perhaps even to improve the knaves and fools it scourges, though this last seems more doubtful. Normal people find some way of ignoring society’s massive hypocrisy–‘the world was always like this,’ ‘you have to take...

Bright Orange for the Shroud

“The essentially dishonest man is yet capable of truly murderous indignation.”

Additional content related to Hyprocrisy

Matthew 21:33-46

Comments, Questions, and Observations If we thought the last parable was a pointed commentary, this one is sure to make us a little squirmy. Continuing to publicly address the leaders of the temple, Jesus builds his case about the disobedience and rejection he sees from those who ought to know better. Then, he makes a…


Matthew 10:40-42

This is the end of a very long section on what the disciples will experience as Jesus sends them out to the harvest of need (Matthew 9.35-10.8 from a few weeks ago). It seems odd to me that Jesus is saying this to the disciples. I mean, rather than the disciples, isn’t this the message…


Luke 18:9-14

In our passage this week, the great reversals continue in the Gospel of Luke. One of the challenges we have as modern readers is that we know what to expect. For instance, those of us who have encountered these stories many times know that it is likely that the Pharisee is going to be revealed…


Luke 13:10-17

“Don’t go getting any ideas.” That’s the leader’s message to the multitude of people who have gathered on the Sabbath day and were just given a spark of hope. That’s the leader’s response to Jesus’ miraculous healing of a woman’s horrible suffering. Not here, not today, not for any of the rest of you. Imagine…


Mark 12:38-44

Our two sections are directly connected by the mention of widows. In the first section, the widows are made destitute at the hands of the scribes, and in the second, a poor widow gives the last of her financial goods as a contribution to the faith community. Jesus clearly condemns the scribes in the first…


Matthew 23:1-12

Matthew 23 indicates that pastors (i.e., most of us reading this sermon commentary) need to be wary of the titles people afford us.  Although neither “Reverend” nor “Pastor” is specifically mentioned in Matthew 23, only a very wily preacher would ever suggest this indicates that those titles are exempt from Jesus’ comments.  So what are…