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Under the Unpredictable Plant: an Exploration in Vocational Holiness

How do you get vocational holiness as opposed to career idolatry? Please don’t answer that personal holiness will do the trick. “If the pastor is devout, it is assumed that the work is also devout. The assumption is unwarranted. Sincerity in a carpenter does not ensure an even saw cut. Neither does piety in a...

The Brothers K

Papa Chance had wanted to be a baseball player, but it hadn’t worked out. When his son Kade challenges him about it, he loses his temper and belts his son. Then this: ”’You know, millwork isn’t baseball,’ he says, and his voice too is trembling. ‘You–Everett–Peter–do any of you understand that? It’s not a game,...

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1 Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a

Sample sermon: When I go to different parts of the U.S. or Canada to speak or to preach, I often travel alone.  When I do, I sometimes enjoy going out to eat by myself at a restaurant.  It can be very interesting just to watch people and observe what is going on in ways you…


John 21:1-19

Perhaps like you, most of the times that I have preached this text I have honed in on Peter being re-rooted in Christ and commissioned for what will come in his life and ministry. So, this year I’m focusing on what happens to the group of disciples, Peter included. It helps that our text today…


Jeremiah 1:4-10

My wife mentions this semi-often as an item of some consternation.  The issue is vocation, “calling,” and it crops up in conversation between the two of us whenever someone asks me once again to tell my “call story” to be a minister or in case some other preacher—in the course of a sermon perhaps—tells her…


Psalm 146

The Lectionary likes Psalm 146 a lot and so it comes up with some frequency, including only 2 short months ago the first Sunday in September.  The last couple of times that I wrote a commentary on Psalm 146 were pretty similar but this week I will take it in a different direction.  If you…