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Movies for Preaching

The Apostle (1997)

Written by Robert Duvall. 134 minutes. PG-13. Starring Robert Duvall, Farrah Fawcett, June Carter Cash, and Billy Bob Thornton. Forty years a preacher, an apostle full of brimstone and sweet Jesus, and Euliss “Sonny” Dewey still doesn’t get it, specifically the nature of the “Holy Ghost power” he has relished and exalted his whole long…


Reading for Preaching

“Humility” in Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC’s of Faith

“Humility is often confused with saying you’re not much of a bridge player when you know perfectly well you are.  Conscious or otherwise this kind of humility is a form of gamesmanship.  If you really aren’t much of a bridge player, you’re apt to be rather proud of yourself got admitting it so humbly.  This...

“By Diverse Means We Arrive at the Same End” in The Complete Essays of Montaigne

By several examples Montaigne shows that people who have been conquered and are at the mercy of their conquerors may sometimes soften the hearts of the victors by submission, supplication, tears, entreaties, etc., but, remarkably, will sometime achieve the same end by fighting valiantly on, 3 against 100, or so. The victors may be moved...

The Social Humanism of Calvin

Calvin says this on 2 Cor. 8:13-14: “God wills that there be proportion and equality among us, that is, each person is to provide for the needy according to the extent of his means so that no person has too much and no person has too little.”

Additional content related to Humility

2 Kings 5:1-14

Martin Luther King, Jr., once preached a sermon on this text from 2 Kings 5, and I’m grateful to Richard Lischer for calling attention to it in a lecture he gave while working on his book The Preacher King.  In the classic style of preaching that Dr. King so well embodied, he picked up on…


Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

Comments, Observations, and Questions Call it the little Psalm that could.  Call it the Psalm of stealth and surprise.  Call it the Psalm that fits the Gospel bill. Why?  Because out of all the 150 psalms in the Hebrew Psalter, many people have their favorites but those favorites—most anybody’s “Top 10 Greatest Hits of the…


1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26

Two Temples. Two Boys. One boy is apparently lost.  The other boy is apparently given up by his parents. One boy is not at all lost but is at home in the Temple doing his real Father’s work.  The other boy is making his home in the Temple and slowly discovering what may well be…


John 1:6-8, 19-28

“Among you stands one you do not know.” Those were John the Baptist’s words as recorded in John 1:26.  Of course, at that time it was literally true that a quiet carpenter’s son from the backwaters of the Roman Empire was rubbing shoulders with lots of people—including the crowds that jostled together at the banks…