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Love Within Limits: A Realist’s View of 1 Corinthians 13

“It takes power to be kind because kindness is risky.  First, to move toward another person in kindness is to risk misunderstanding.  If you are kind to a person, your action may be seen as a veiled seduction.  If you are kind to a person of another race, you may be suspected of being patronizing...

The Four Loves

Lewis speaks of the difference between “intimate and formal courtesy.  Precisely what suits the one may be a breach of the other.  To be free and easy when you are presented to some eminent stranger is bad manners; to practice formal and ceremonial courtesies at home (‘public faces in private places’) is—and is always intended...

The Descent of the Dove: a Short History of the Holy Spirit in the Church

“The imaginations of the Alexandrian fathers were courteous; their visions were humane. Origen extended that vision so far as to teach the final restitution of all things, including the devils themselves. It is impossible that some such dream should not linger in any courteous mind, but to teach it as a doctrine almost always ends...

“Self-care and Care for Others”

Don’t pry, meddle, or become impertinent. Some folks act as if they are responsible for looking after everybody. Pp. 400-401: “They must see everything that is out of order and make suggestions here, and give advice there, and make inquiry yonder. They run from one to another, with incessant clatter, offering advice which is cheap...