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Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome

Tiro recounts how fast Cicero talked and how fast, as secretary, he therefore had to record Cicero. So Tiro invented shorthand, including his beloved ampersand, eventually devising “a handbook of some four thousand symbols. “I found that Cicero was fond of repeating certain phrases, and these I learned to reduce to a line, or even...

The Making of the President, 1960

“With the end of the nominating process, American politics leaves logic behind. If the conventions have done their work well, as normally they do, then the American people are offered two men of exceptional ability. Now they must choose. And they must choose in a primitive and barbaric trial. Although the contest is bloodless, the...

Additional content related to Politics

Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16

We sometimes assume that we can recognize an alien when we see him (he’s green and has antennae) or at least see her citizenship papers (they say citizen of Canada, or Mexico, the United States, or some other country of origin). Yet when Hebrews’ author speaks of people like Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and others…


Revelation 12:1-17

Special Handling Instructions:  Revelation’s Imagery  Older preaching audiences are going to be more challenged by Revelation’s images than younger ones.  Younger audiences have been shaped by apocalyptic television and movie images which include tsunamis higher than skyscrapers, seismic yawns that swallow whole cities, and asteroids whose impact effectively uncreate creation.  Younger hearers have had an…


Psalm 20

It seems as if psalmists typically pray for themselves.  However, in Psalm 20 the poet prays for someone else, in this case Israel’s king.  After all, verse 4 refers to God’s “anointed.”  Verse 9 also speaks explicitly of “the king.” Psalm 20 expresses a strong sense of dependence on God’s gracious provision even for rulers. …