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Movies for Preaching

The Mission (1986)

Written by Robert Bolt, Cinematography by Chris Menges, Music by Ennio Morricone, Starring Jeremy Irons, Robert De Niro, and Ray McAnally. 125 mins. Rated PG. There, finally, at the top of the spectacular Iguaza Falls, after days of treacherous, barefoot climbing up and up water-slick sides of rock and mud, arrives Rodrigo Mendoza (Robert De…


Reading for Preaching

The Collected Sermons of William H. Willimon

Willimon is struck by how nonautobiographical C. S. Lewis’ autobiography (Surprised by Joy) really is. There is nothing in it to account for his conversion—which seems to come out of the blue. He says he was “the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England . . .brought in kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting...

Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith

Norris tells of a woman from a small Methodist church in Montana. She had been a drunk and a “cocaine whore.” “Her self-esteem was so ragged,” said her pastor, “that he suspects she was sleeping not only with anyone who could provide her with booze or cocaine, but also with anyone who simply showed her...

Additional content related to Conversion

Acts 8:14-17

Familiarity may, as the old cliche goes, breed contempt. But sometimes it also breeds a kind of blindness. I’ve written a sermon commentary on Acts 8:14-17. I’ve preached on it multiple times. My familiarity with it hasn’t yet dimmed my fascination with one of the Scriptures’ most mysterious and intriguing stories. However, my relative familiarity…