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Our Knowledge of God

Baillie disputes Barth–whom Baillie takes to think that regeneration miraculously recreates an image of God in people who had wholly lacked it. But here Barth confuses “the creative and the gracious activity of God.” Baillie: when God regenerates someone it is a miracle all right. But it’s a miracle of grace working on existent creation—existent...

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Acts 11:1-18

Luke is hands-down one of the best writers ever used by the Holy Spirit to compose a portion of Scripture.  His narratives in the first two chapters of his Gospel alone prove as much.  Other examples of narrative wizardry abound in Luke and Acts.  So it is a bit odd in Acts 11 to encounter…


Luke 24:1-12

Comments, Questions and Observations When we begin reading this account it might seem like it is an anonymous group headed to the tomb at dawn—the members of the group aren’t named until all the way in verse 10. But, we know from the close of the previous chapter, as they followed Jesus’ body to his…


Luke 4:14-21

Throughout the Gospel of Luke, the Holy Spirit’s presence with Jesus is described in various ways. In verse 14, Jesus has just returned from his post-baptism time of temptation in the desert. Upon his return, Jesus takes up the mantle of teacher, filled with the Spirit for the work of sharing God’s truth in synagogues….