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“The Shoes of Imelda Marcos”

Deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda had millions, indeed billions, in accumulated and plundered wealth upon deposition: office towers in Manhattan, waterfront estate on Long Island, dozens of country houses in the Philippines, a second secret palace, millions in jewels and clothes, etc. On a single day in NY Imelda would buy $10,000...

An Innocent Millionaire

The generational divide “is the plight of the lower and middle classes, whose children begin to drift away as soon as they are old enough to go to school.” Their parents can’t isolate their child and can’t control the child’s learning environment. Upper class folk can and do. They keep their kids interminably busy without...

“The Crayon Man”

Yancey comments on the revelations within Robert Coles’ 5-volume, Pulitzer Prize winning series titled Children of Crisis. Coles says that “rich kids who try to break out of their sheltered surroundings and respond to the call of conscience are sometimes viewed as abnormal. Coles interviewed a child from a very wealthy Florida family who had...

“Teaching Johnny Values where Money is King”

Already by 2000 around Palo Alto, CA., and in the Silicon Valley (“The Valley”), people were worrying about “Sudden Wealth Syndrome.” Around here there are 60 new millionaires per day, thirteen-year-olds come home from school to check their stocks, C.E.O.’s are superheroes, family dinner talk is of I.P.O’s, and “a recent collision between two students...

“Note on Wealth”

“Here is Sydney Smith’s dedication of his book Six Sermons to Lord Webb Seymour: ‘My Lord–I dedicate these few sermons to you, as a slight token of my great regard and respect, because I know no man who, in spite of the disadvantages of high birth, lives to more honorable and commendable purposes than yourself.’”

Fiorello H. La Guardia and the Making of Modern New York

“‘Wealth,’ President Coolidge preached, ‘is the chief end of man.’”

“Poor Little Rich Boys,” a review of PAINFULLY RICH: The Outrageous Fortune and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty

Pearson portrays the 7 deadly sins in the J. Paul Getty heirs as “a tragedy,” but Henriques sees mere vulgarity. These people (with suicide, addiction, embitterment, family feuding, million-dollar family lawsuits, “emotionally abusive and sumptuous vacations,” etc.) were victims not of money but “of their own hunger for that money, and their craven fear that...

Stranger in Two Worlds

Herman Tarnower, the poor Jewish boy from Brooklyn, wanted above all to be rich. He wanted to be rich and to be known to be rich. At dinner parties with the very rich (“She’s richer than Croesus, darling, and believe me she earned every bit of it the hard way. The man she was married...

Of Human Bondage

The painter Foiret speaks: “’I have nothing but contempt for the people who despise money. They are hypocrites or fools. Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five. Without an adequate income, half the possibilities of life are shut off . . . You will...