Preaching Connection: Gospel

Movies for Preaching

The Mission (1986)

Written by Robert Bolt, Cinematography by Chris Menges, Music by Ennio Morricone, Starring Jeremy Irons, Robert De Niro, and Ray McAnally. 125 mins. Rated PG. There’s more than one way of catching Jesus, meaning the deep-core of Him, a hard task in any setting, to be very sure.  Words go only so far, especially when…


Reading for Preaching

Telling the Truth: the Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale

p. 7 “The gospel is bad news before it is good news. It is the news that man is a sinner, to use the old word, that he is evil in the imagination of his heart, that when he looks in the mirror all in a lather what he sees is at least eight parts...

Additional content related to Gospel

Luke 3.1-6

This week and next we are listening to John the Baptist, who is set up here as a prophet. The signs are obvious (once you know how to see them). First, there’s the clear shift in the text from chapter 2, as Luke provides political context to pinpoint the actual historical moment that John’s message…